Roll 22 – the Brownie


My latest is up on 52 rolls!

52 rolls

I visited the Waterloopleinmark while in Amsterdam. I spent quite a bit of money there. One of the things I picked up was an old Kodak Brownie. Here it is the day I tested it with a couple of rolls of 620 film I bought at Blue Moon.

A friend in the neighborhood bought one at a local thrift shop so I walked over to her house and we played cameras. It was fun. Here are the photos.

It was a bright, sunny day and I was using T-max 400. Probably not the best choice. I am not a fan of not having much control over the parameters. I think this reminds me of the reason why I don’t use my Holga very much. Yes, I do use a pinhole camera, and there is very little to control with it, but there is SOME control at least (exposure…

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