We are swimming in a sea of goodness


On my walk to work I decided to make a right-turn into the park where vendors were setting up for the Mountain Festival this weekend. I thought it would be a good opportunity to shoot some photos with the Travelling Yashica.

I weaved my way through the hustle and bustle and started to frame a shot when I noticed someone waiting for me. I stopped what I was doing so I could wave her by but we both simultaneously realized we knew each other. It was my dear friend Emilie.

I told her a little bit about the camera and she was really delighted with the story of it and how it was now in my hands on this most auspicious of weekends. She asked if she could take my photo with the camera and I was happy to oblige. We talked a little more and then she shared a wonderful revelation she had yesterday.

She has been actively working on being complaint free for 21 days. The other night at meditation group someone mentioned that we should wear a bracelet and when we have a positive social interaction we should move the bracelet over. So she decided to try it the next day. The experiment worked too well. She found herself continually moving the bracelet over to the other wrist. It was like once she had one positive moment it snowballed and then the whole thing became unfeasible.

It made her realize that we are swimming in a sea of goodness all the time but, unfortunately, we only focus on the few bad things. Why is this? There is all of this good all around us but the few tiny bad things stand out like a spotlight.

I am so glad she took the time to share this insight with me. I have been feeling a little down and negative the past few days and our short conversation made me think about all of the things in my life that I am grateful for.