Roll 31 – impossible fun


Hi there! Please enjoy this post I wrote over at 52 rolls! Happy Saturday!

52 rolls

Several of my friends are into Impossible film right now and I have really loved seeing their results. I was at the film dealer store, staring into the freezer, trying to decide what to get. I stared at the boxes of color 4×5 sheet film for awhile, deciding if I wanted to fork out the cash. Then my eye traveled down to the row of instant film. The Impossible film caught my attention and in my head I was deciding which one I wanted to gamble my money away on. I decided on the Impossible film.

I put the pack in my old Polaroid and immediately wasted a shot by accidentally clicking the shutter button. Then I packed the camera in my bag and took it with me to the lake. Here are a couple of shots I was happy with.

I think, in the end, I realized why I…

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