“The most dangerous distractions are the ones you love, but that don’t love you back.” James shared a really great article with me in the comments of my post from yesterday.  It has me thinking about my list. The idea from the article is to limit yourself to 5  goals. Anything else is a waste […]

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How I want to spend my free time

write Read (1 hour every day) Practice ukulele (go through that Bluegrass Ukulele book I bought 3 years ago) Draw (go through the “Drawing on the Right Side Of The Brain” workbook I bought 4 months ago) Knit (Already doing – in the morning with coffee) Photography (of course) Running/yoga (alternate days) Meditate (20 minutes […]

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I am a seeker

I am going through a term student program at my sangha and our first retreat was a week ago. Those of us attending had to prepare a presentation about ourselves. In preparation for this presentation we were to write three outlines: A historical outline, A karmic outline, and a spiritual outline. The exercise was interesting. […]

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