Portland Vs Hawaii

Way back in March I did a film swap with an IG/Flickr buddy who goes by Malkavred. At the time he lived in Hawaii. We sent each other a roll and I happened to shoot the one he sent me on WPPD – which will account for some of the weird antics. But the effect […]

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Gotta sketch that itch

Sooo. I have been teaching myself how to  draw over the past few months. I am a big believer in daily practice and decided that I would try to sketch something daily. Then I got the idea to post my daily sketch on a drawing blog. I created a whole new blog for this endeavor […]

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A Boring running update

It’s been  a very long time since I’ve posted a running update! And since I am needing blog fodder for this 100 days project, I thought it would be fun to geek out write about running here on this blog. Running has always been an important part of my life, but recently I’ve gotten even […]

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“My heart is something. Everyone else’s heart is something too.” -Adorable six year old girl in this video who speaks very profoundly.

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