A very Instax Day


Last week I decided to dig my Instax out of the┬ácamera closet. I’d mentioned to my coworker that I had one and told her I would bring it to our after school outreach program ┬áto impress the kids. The kids were not impressed. That made me sad. I remember, very fondly, the days when I would watch a Polaroid image reverse-fade into life.

Having dug it out of the closet and loaded up with film that is 3 years old, I decided to shoot the rest of the pack. My mom came to visit this past weekend. I took her and my stepdad to The Grotto in Portland. Here was our day.




grateful for the alignment tool in Lightroom.



Seriously. I am incapable of taking a straight picture.

This might be the first real outing I’ve had with this camera since I got it more than 3 years ago! I’ve had the film that long and it’s held up pretty good.