“I needed to know what Margot was like when she wasn’t being Margot.’ -From Paper Towns by John Green. Advertisements

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unknown waterfall

I have to admit that I don’t know where this was taken or what it is even a picture of. Well, it appears it is a waterfall but the chicken wire is throwing me off a little. Ok, while I was typing that last sentence it hit me. I know where this was taken. It […]

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Throwback Thursday 

Something from the archives: This was found when I was cleaning out my desk over the weekend. it was taken in California by Rafael at Pigeon Point Lighthouse in the early 90’s. I must have been 25 in this photo? Somewhere around there.

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Serendipity in Silverton

Yesterday morning, my husband suggested that we go on an adventure. We decided to take the back-roads to Silverton, have lunch there, and then hike at Silver Falls State Park. We haven’t ventured that way in the six years we’ve lived here. We like to listen to podcasts on long drives and this time we chose […]

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