Oneonta Gorge – Columbia Gorge, Oregon


Another lazy blog post today: Check out my latest pinhole adventure at Pinhole Obscura.

Pinhole Obscura

The Columbia Gorge of Washington State and Oregon is an amazingly beautiful place. It is carved by the Columbia river and separates the two states. The waterfalls that I have featured here on this blog come from the glaciers of Mt. Hood, which towers over the Gorge. I have lived in the Portland area for 6 years and I have barely scratched the surface of places to visit here.

One of the places I’d been meaning to check out but hadn’t was Oneonta Gorge. I got to check it off of my list at the end of August and I was thrilled.

Oneonta Gorge (pronounced’s so fun to say) is located near Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge. It was once a hidden treasure of the area but has gained popularity and is now a very busy place. On hot summer days I imagine it competes with Multnomah Falls…

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