Pinhole Adventure 

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Today I am starting another “100 days” project in which I post everyday on my blog for 100 days. I had a lot of fun doing this last year and decided I wanted to continue this practice, but trying it at different times of the year. This year, over the next few months. I have a lot of adventures planned so I thought it would make sense to plan my project around March/April/May.

I was kind of hoping I would do¬†a lot of writing for my blog during my down time but that hasn’t happened at all. So I have no idea what the posts will look like over the next few months (aside from my adventuring).

Today, though, I will tell you about my day yesterday. I had a fantastic day up on Timberline Lodge with my buddy Donna. It was our monthly Pinhole Mayhem outing, sans Gretchen (whom we missed). We took the bus up there, which was a new adventure for me. It worked out very well and I think I will be taking the bus up there a lot in the future for snow shoeing.

I use my iPhone to help me compose my pinhole photos (I hope this isn’t cheating!) so I often come away from these adventures with a ton of snapshots. Here are a few of them! (click the image for more info)