Oysterville, WA



For some very annoying reason some of my blog posts are not showing up in the WordPress Reader and it appears this is one of them. So it has sat for a week unread and unloved. My blog post haz a sad. Please read it and make it happy. 🙂

Pinhole Obscura

On the coast of Washington State is a tiny little sliver of land called, The Long Beach Peninsula. This peninsula is, as the name suggests it’s very long. In fact, it boast’s “The World’s Longest Beach” (Which is also a highway!).

I will write more about Long Beach another day because it deserves it’s own post. Today I want to tell you about Oysterville.

Oysterville is near the north tip of the peninsula. It’s not quite a ghost town because people live in the houses, but really more museum than town.

The city was established in 1893 and was very prosperous in it’s business of selling, you guessed it, oysters. However, it fell into decline when the “Clamshell Railroad” ended at a town just south of Oysterville. There is also some drama surrounding a rival town  “stealing the county seat” in the middle of the night. You…

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