Cinestill at a corn maze.


Last fall Raf and I decided to visit the Maze At The Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie Island. It was a hot, very sunny, bright day. I had a roll of Cinestill 50 itching to be used so I loaded it into my Olympus OM1n. There are very few 50 ISO days in Portland so I figured I should take advantage before the film expired.

We didn’t bring any water and we got lost in the corn maze. But we survived. Here are the photos to prove it.

How do I feel about Cinestill. Hm. This was my first try with the 50 ISO and my second try with it altogether. I guess it’s ok. I think my problem is that I am not a big fan of color 35mm. So it has taken me awhile to warm up to these shots. But looking at them months later I like them.