A new toy

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I bought an Apple Watch! I didn’t spend as much money as I saved for my vacation so I decided to splurge on one with my leftover savings. When I was in Barcelona my Fitbit Charge practically disintegrated off my my wrist so I was ready for an upgrade. I waffled between the Apple Watch and a Fitbit Blaze and decided on the Apple, mostly for asthetic reasons and the fact that it can do more than track fitness.

I got it yesterday afternoon and have been obsessively playing with it, getting the apps that will give me the same kind of feedback I had with the Fitbit. I think I’m nearly there!

I really like it though, and am glad I got it. I’m a little sad to be leaving Fitbit since the app has been a constant companion for 2 years. But the Apple is going to be great. 🙂