From Barcelona to Barcelona


I am very excited to see another result from the Transatlantic Pinswap camera! This is a little project I came up with a couple of years ago. My friend, Todd Schlemmer provided the camera. We shoot a roll of film, rewind it, and then send it on to another person. They double expose the roll, shoot another roll, rewind, rinse, repeat. 🙂 check it out! It’s a bit slow going (cause it’s pinhole) but always fun to see a new post. This particular post features Jana and  JesĂşs.

The Great Transatlantic Pinhole Film Swap Project

The Great Transatlantic Pinhole Camera made the long journey from Jesus in Barcelona to my home in Seattle just two months ago. I got a little nervous when Jesus informed me the camera had been sent in February and a month later I still hadn’t received notice of delivery.

Thank goodness luck was on our side and about a week later a USPS notice appeared on my door. I drove to the post office and picked up a square box which rattled and made a noise like a child’s toy when the post officer placed it on the table. Inside the box was the camera, a few ziploc bags filled with 3D printed goodies, a notebook (gasp!) and a big magnet about Norfolk. I added a Seattle magnet from my fridge.


I shot Jesus’ exposed roll around Seattle, during dim sum with friends, then took it on the journey with me back…

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