No Paparazzi – Pinholeday contender #3


OK, it’s decision time. My decision is between this one and “Balloons For Sale.” Which one should I choose for my pinhole day contribution? Personally, I like this one the best. But I also really like “Balloons For Sale.”

I like this one because the moment was kind of cool. When I was taking this the newpaper vendor covered his face. I’m not sure if he was playing around with me or if he truly didn’t want his picture taken. Either way, it was a moment of connection with the subject, which doesn’t really happen very often with me because my subject is mostly landscape.

I will decide over the next couple of days and upload it to the gallery, so check there to see what I decided. The deadline is May 31, so I really need to get on this!



Geeky Bits:
Camera: Terrapin Bijou, Incher configureation (25.4mm)
Film: Ektar 100
Exposure time: >5 seconds