Dispatches from a shy street photographer – Placa Del Sol


Today’s image comes from a wonderful little square in Barcelona, where I had the pleasure of drinking beers with my fellow pinhole photography friends on Pinholeday weekend.

I think this series could also be called “Dispatches from an accidental street photographer” because often I am more drawn to the architecture when I first shoot the image. It is later when I have developed the film and looked at the images that I notice something interesting going on with the people. I am not sure if these photos would technically fall under the rules of street photography, but whatevs.

In this case, the building caught my attention. It’s actually a very colorful building. You can see my iPhone snap here. I was told by a local that they served really good paella there, but I didn’t get the chance to try it.

Geeky bits

Camera: Olympus XA
Film: Arista.edu 400
Stand developed for one hour in Adonal