Pinholeday Film Swap with Inge!


Two years ago when I visited Amsterdam to meet up with my Pinhole Obscura buddies on Pinholeday, we had a plan to bring along a roll of film to swap. Inge got the roll I brought. This past Pinholeday weekend, in Barcelona, she decided to re-shoot the roll! Here are the wonderful results!

Pinholeday Film Swap

Pinholeday Film Swap

Pinholeday Film Swap

Pinholeday Film Swap

Pinholeday Film Swap

You can see more Inge vs Moni film swaps on my Flickr.

Dispatches from a shy street photographer: Eye contact


Today’s image comes from Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Taken a few years ago. One of those rare moments when I made eye contact with a random stranger who happened to wander into my camera’s frame.


Geeky bits

Camera: Canon EOS 650
Film: Kodak Tri-x

Developed in Kodak D-76 for the standard time (I can’t remember what that is at the moment)

Me: I am taking a photo of the Twin Peaks Diner with a Holga. I feel so hipster.

Raf: That is High-Hipster.

This is my Holga GFN with a 35mm film adaptor.  It was fun to use but I didn’t love the results from it.

Below is the other shot from the entire roll of 36 exposures that I kinda liked. A shot of Snoqualamie Falls (also featured in Twin Peaks)

Cue Twin Peaks Theme



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Dispatches from a shy street photographer: sky walk, Barcelona


Here is another example of an accidental street photography shot. I was really  mostly interested in that ornate sky walk above the alley but when I looked at it later I really liked the human element in the photo.

Incidentally, that ornate sky walk was in a book I looked at last night about ball point pen sketching. So weird!

Geeky bits:

Camera: Olympus XA
Film: Fuji Acros 100
Stand developed in Adonal for 1 hour.