Goodbye 2016

Last month, after the devastating election results, I had dinner with a couple of wonderful women at a friend’s house. After dinner my friend wanted to do an activity. She had this fun paper with a rainbow printed on it as background decoration. She wanted us to make a list of all of the good things that happened […]

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Mt Hood Or Mars

I inadvertently took a couple week hiatus from my blog! The holidays kind of got all up in my business. But I remembered that tomorrow is New Years Eve and realized that I usually post something retrospective on NYE. And why not also post a photography post on the eve of NYE. So here you […]

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Mt Hood Or Mars?

A few months ago I happened to be in Blue Moon Camera and Machine and decided to pick up some Lomochrome Turquoise. I wanted to save it for something special. When my husband and I decided to hit one of our favorite hiking trails on Mt Hood on a beautiful autumn day, I knew that […]

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December Postcard Swap

There is only two more days to sign up for the December post card exchange! The last postcard exchange of 2016. This month I received a post card from my friend Gretchen. She is one of my fellow #PinholeMayhem crew. We’ve had lots of fun shooting together over the past couple of years. She is […]

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One Pinhole A Day – Day 23

I am finally getting some results back from my Pinhole A Day project and thought I’d share here. This is day 23 – a visit to the grocery store a few days before Thanksgiving. I plan to post most of these photos on my photography blog, so if you are interested in seeing more, follow […]

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