The first bridge

In my last photography post I showed you my Holga results from my foray into c-41 developing at home. Here is one from the roll of pinhole from that batch. Speaking of pinhole, happy pinholeday weekend! Sunday is the official day but since I have been traveling to meet up with my pinhole photography friends […]

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Color film developing

For a long time I’ve been wanting to try developing color film at home. I’ve had a roll of exposed dishwasher film that my friend Inge gave me two years ago but my local lab wouldn’t develop it, which leaves me with having to do it myself. I finally bit the bullet and bought a […]

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#100happydays, week 4

This past week was a pretty good week. Not pictured: on Thursday I got to judge the library’s poetry contest and the teen category was particularly strong. I enjoyed seeing kids I’ve known for 7 years read poetry they’ve written. It’s weird to have worked here long enough to witness kids growing up into teenagers. […]

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