Pinhole in the Library


I brought my Reality So Subtle to work with me last month to play with. Again, I made a shot each with both pinholes. I am going to be displaying my pinhole photos in the library at the end of the year and am working on a theme of “Pinhole In The Library.” For the shots that I made I was trying to channel the library ghost (which is a thing, btw. We have ghost in the library). But, alas, I moved to too fast for pinhole. I’ll try again.


Top pinhole at 1 minute 41 seconds.

The above shot was taken using the top pinhole, so it angles upward more. As you can see this camera has a gnarly vignette with the top pinhole, which I will end up cropping out in future shots. This particular one, for reasons completely unknown to me, made Flickr’s Explore a few weeks ago.

pinhole in the library 1

This one was taken using the bottom pinhole. Less vignetting.

For both of these shots I used Acros 100.