Bigfoot festival

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Today the Mister and I went on an adventure to the first annual Bigfoot Festival in Troutdale, Oregon. It was my first experience at any kind of festival celebrating the paranormal. The most interesting thing about it were the people. As we waiting in line for the shuttle there were three very friendly women in line and they turned around and talked freely with us, as if they’d known us forever. This was nice, but also was weird for me as I’m kind of shy and I don’t go out of my way to talk to strangers in lines. Not for any real reason, except I’m just shy and introverted. It was really quite delightful to talk to these women. They instantly started talking to us about Bigfoot and one of them showed us her recent tattoo, a Sasquatch on her lower leg. I realized to my self that, “wow. People are really into this Bigfoot thing.” As we continued our conversation she showed us a tattoo of an alien on her back neck and told us stories about when they went to an Alien convention in McMinneville and encouraged us to go to it sometime. Then one of them recounted her experience with a UFO sighting.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it here, but I have an irrational fear of getting abducted by aliens, so this conversation was fun. As much as the Alien convention sounds like a hoot, I think I’m gonna have to skip that…

But anyway, it was really fun to talk to them and it made me think that I really should talk to strangers in lines more often.

The festival itself was OK. It was mostly vendors selling Bigfoot themed stuff. There was only one booth that had some educational material, which were photos and casts made of Sasquatch feet in Oregon. I really would have liked to see more of this kind of thing because, frankly, I’m still a skeptic.

I purchased a kit for a really cute knitted zombie

And here is a cute Bigfoot doll I was tempted to buy but didn’t.


And here is a flyer for a book about contact with Aliens that I will never read.