Sunday runday

Health and Fitness

Today is my last long run before the half marathon in 2 weeks. My plan instructed me to run 14 miles. I think the idea is that you tend to hit the wall a couple of miles before the longest distance you have trained up to, so if you train a little bit more miles than the race you won’t hit the wall.

Things seem to be all healed up and I felt really good.

For the next two weeks I am going to add in my usual cross training on my non-running days so I can be in top shape for the race.

I saw a raven as  I started the cool down walk back home. It looked like a huge crow, so that’s the only way I know it was a raven. It was really cool! I hope it’s an auspicious sign. I will take it as an auspicious sign, because I love ravens.

My power song today was “Dis Generation” by a Tribe Called Quest. I love that song and have been listening it a lot lately. It’s got an amazing groove and the poetry is awesome.