Columbia Gorge On Fire

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The Columbia Gorge is on fire. It started on Saturday in Eagle Creek by teens throwing firecrackers over a cliff. The state of Oregon is basically a tinderbox right now, with record breaking high temperatures all summer and no rain. So, you see, this was a bad choice. It didn’t take long for the Gorge to go up in flames. Because of the east winds, the ash of our beloved forest is raining down on the Portland Metro area as I type this and it is breaking my heart.┬áThe Columbia Gorge is a national treasure. And now it is forever changed. I can’t even imagine what it will look like when this is all over. I am really, really hoping that slight chance of rain predicted for Thursday happens. I want to see an epic Oregon rain. I want to see the sky open up.

The Gorge has been one of my favorite places to photograph and visit over the years.

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Wahclella falls

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Bridge Of The Gods

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