Polaroid Week


This is Polaroid week! It was a good excuse to purchase some new Polaroid film to play with. While I waited for my film to arrive I decided to play with the Polaroid 145 back I recently acquired to use with my Zero 45.

I play with instant film once in a blue moon, so it took a few tries to remember that you have to wait a few minutes to let the image develop before you peel apart the film. When I figured that out, though, the fun began! I’ve been having a blast all week with this, regardless of the lack of light and reciprocity failure. I am loving the “instant” results. (though this being pinhole, it’s still slow photography).




This particular shot was a 4 hour exposure!


The weather has been lousy this week for my new Polaroid film, but I’m giving it the old college try today. I will post the results in a few days.