Osho Rajneesh Drive-by in Rajneeshpuram. © 2003 Samvado Gunnar Kossatz

Wild Wild Country

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Last night I finished watching the Netflix docu-series, “Wild Wild Country.” I have thoughts about it.

I think others do, too, because my little ranty post about Rajneesh  has gotten a lot of views lately.

First of all, I thought this documentary was superbly done on all levels. The storytelling was fantastic. The visuals were stunning. It was very balanced and the story was presented from many sides, which I really appreciated.

This post will probably have spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the documentary series and you have no idea who this Rajneesh guy is or what this weird event that happened in Oregon in the Eighties is, then I highly recommend watching it first.  After you watch it, I’d be very curious about what you think!



Yesterday, during a bout of procrastination, I found myself changing my blog theme. Here is how that went:

  • Gets email from WordPress: “your domain ‘Transatlanticpinswap.com’ will automatically renew in 1 month.”
  • Me: “Oh! That doesn’t even exist anymore. I need to cancel that.
  • Goes to cancel transaction. Notices other WordPress things I’ve purchased in the past, including a theme that I bought for $75 in 2011 that I don’t use anymore.
  • Me: “Why am I not using this theme? This is is a nice looking theme!”
  • Activates theme. Realizes why I stopped using theme.
  • Looks at other themes.
  • Finds one that uses the portfolio custom template-y thing. Activates it.
  • Spends day figuring out how to use the portfolio thingy.

So yeah. I made a little section that features some highlights of my creative life. I’ll add to it little by little. You can find it here. This month, since it is National Poetry Month, I will add new poems to my portfolio thingy everyday.  My feed will not update but if you follow me on Twitter or we are FB friends, you might be notified of the update.

Yay for new, shiny, bloggy things!

I want a pair of jeans that don’t make me feel bad about myself.


A few weeks ago a Facebook friend alerted her followers to a company that was giving away free t-shirts. I am many things, but I am not a person who turns away free stuff. So of course I clicked the link. It was for a company called Universal Standard, which I had never heard of before. I looked at the price of the shirt. It was $50. I had to look twice to make sure that was correct. It was $50 the second time I looked. I thought, “this company is giving away, for free, a $50 t-shirt?!?” It seemed too good to be true. I opened up another window to surf around on the website.  I read the About page. They totally seemed legit. So I went ahead a chose the black, x small. I received it in the mail yesterday and I’m wearing it today. It’s a super nice shirt.

I’ve never, in my life, worn an extra small. So that was kind of a nice thing.

The company caters to women who wear sizes 10 – 28 and features models of all sizes. It’s really refreshing to see women who aren’t stick thin modeling clothes, for once.

I have a pair of skinny jeans that I bought last year. They were not cheap, so I’ve been really trying hard to like them. And I kind of do. But they are just a touch too tight on me. I keep telling myself that “if I lose 10 pounds, like I probably should, these jeans will be perfect.” And that is probably true. But right now whenever I wear these jeans they kind of make me feel bad. I wear them and I have that constant “you need to lose 10 pounds” nagging in the back of my mind.

I want to wear jeans that don’t make me feel bad about myself.

And what if I just stopped it with the “I need to lose 10 pounds” idea? Would it really be the end of the world if I didn’t lose this elusive 10 pounds? What if I just accepted myself the way I am right now. Today. What if I bought some jeans that actually fit that I can feel good in?

My order will be delivered on Monday.

Full Moon Snowshoe


I FINALLY have photos to show you! These are some pinhole photos I took in January up on Mt Hood on a hike around Trillium Lake with some friends. The hike was meant to be a full moon hike but the clouds didn’t clear so we didn’t see the moon. But the sun set about halfway through our hike and it ended up being really fun hiking in the dark. I didn’t shoot any pinhole in the dark, for obvious reasons!


Trillium Lake

A snowy meal

These were both shot with a Reality So Subtle 6×6 and Ektar Film The exposure times for both were around 2 minutes or so.

For developing, I did something different. I sent them off to The Darkroom for developing AND scanning. It was nice to not have to scan these and I didn’t have to do any post processing at all, apart from cropping out the vignette. The only downside is that I got the lowest quality scan and they are not very big files so if I ever want to print them I will have to re-scan them.

OH! And I can’t believe I didn’t blog about this! I was interviewed on a new podcast about pinhole photography: The Lensless podcast, a few weeks ago. You can listen here.