I guess I am now that person who posts on my blog once a year on New Years now.

So 2020! Wow! What a year, am I right?

Here is my 1 Second Everyday video.

do I even bother to do this? To recap this year?

It started out pretty cool for me, with a trip down to California to Hearst Castle and Cambria in January. And then the world changed with the Pandemic, as we all know. In Oregon we had to also deal with the president hyper focusing his ire on Portland this past Summer, when we were experiencing daily riots. We also had the fires. This was, personally the worst thing that happened to us. We had to evacuate our home in September and it was terrifying. Everything turned out ok, though. Our home is fine. But there was a week in September when things were pretty scary.

The good thing that happened is that we bought our dream home. My husband and I are working from home and we are doing ok. We are hunkering down and hanging in there are really grateful at the moment that things for us haven’t been devastating.

I wish you all health and safety. We are not out of the woods yet, so please stay safe. Wear a mask and stay home. Let’s hope for a better year in 2021. ❤