On the morality of punching Nazis

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I fell down a rabbit hole yesterday and found out that when the video of Richard Spencer being punched was posted there was this huge internet discussion of whether or not it was OK to punch Nazis. Honestly, I am kind of stunned that this is a topic up for discussion. I feel like I’ve lost my mind. When did we begin to worry about the morality of punching a Nazi in the face? When did we care about the feelings of Nazis? What the fuck?!?

The movies that I grew up with, The Star Wars franchise, and the Raiders of the Lost Ark franchise were all about defeating fascism and Nazis. Indiana Jones literally punches Nazis in Raiders – like, a bunch of times.


The comics that I grew up with are all about defeating Nazis. Defeating Nazis is a part of our cultural fabric. Punching Nazis is as American as apple pie.

Or so I thought. Why is this even up for discussion? It disturbs me that it is.

I am not a violent person. I would never walk up to someone and punch them without provocation. I am all about peaceful protests. Martin Luther King and Gandhi are personal heroes of mine.  But Honestly. Nazis are the bad guys. Nazis have always been the bad guys. If I am in a position where I am provoked, or someone around me is  in danger or provoked by a Nazi, and if punching a Nazi in the face seems like the right thing to do in that moment, fuck yes I am going to punch a Nazi.


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Woody Guthrie 2I am completely sickened by what happened last night and today in Charlottesville. I still can’t believe that I saw images of white supremacists walking down the street, fully embracing Hitler and Nazism, chanting things like “Russia Is Our Friend” and “Blood and Soil.” These men weren’t even trying to hide themselves.

What the fuck?

And then a car plows into a crowd of protesters, killing one. If this isn’t terrorism, I don’t know what is.

I am still thinking about the White Supremacist that murdered two people on the Portland MAX a few months ago, during the rush hour commute, in broad daylight.

What the fuck.

I just finished watching television series version of The Handmaid’s Tale. As I watched it I felt this really odd feeling when they flashed back to the scenes that took place before the dystopia started. It is supposed to be present day America. Watching it was creepy because it feels like we are living in this kind of world right now. The beginning stages of a dystopia. And it scares the hell out of me.

But fuck that. I am not going to let fear stop me from standing up for what is right.

Fuck Nazis. And fuck fascism.

And fuck Richard Spencer.


This is not normal 

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So I had my nice respite from the news yesterday but then in the evening after dinner I relaxed on the couch, opened Twitter, and saw this tweet from 45. It bothered me. Not because he seems overly concerned with his popularity (seriously. Why does he have to point this out at every turn?!?) Not because this is a  lie (They were mostly protesters). And not because he tweets way too much (Jesus.  Get off the fucking phone. You are the fucking president now.) These are all important reasons to be annoyed. No. The thing that annoys me about this tweet, is the “fake news” claim. He keeps calling the legitimate media fake news. I do. not. like. this. It is scary. I keep hearing him say it, over and over again. Like he is trying to brainwash us. Like he is trying to normalize this idea. This is not normal. The media are doing their jobs, reporting things that should be reported. If he doesn’t like the things that are being reported then he needs to stop doing questionable things.

And, just to remind myself, I am going to leave this here.

February Postcard Swap

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The February postcard swap is posted on Elfster and ready for you to sign up. You may do so by clicking here:

February postcard swap

I am really enjoying the Elfster format! I love that there is a discussion feature and I also especially love the gallery feature where we can share photos of the postcards we receive. There are some things that make it a little confusing for our purposes. I’m taking note of all of this so that when my husband codes something it will work really well for this. If you have any thoughts about features you would like please let me know!

In January I received this fantastic darkroom print from Daniel Schnieder! I’ve been following him on Twitter for awhile now and love his work. You can see more on his website.

And speaking of postcards, my political thought of today:

I am gathering up resources to take action against what is happening with our government. Among the various things I’m doing at the moment, is gathering together a shit ton of postcards that I can have on hand to send to congress about issues that come up. For example, today I found out that a bill was introduced to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency (CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT?!?) So I am going to send a postcard to my congressmen. I have a feeling I will be sending lots of postcards out in the near future.

So anyway, I’ve been thinking about postcards. I discovered that you can download a handy postcard template from the Women’s March website to mass print at a printer. And these are also some really cool downloadable templates. I also started following this (completely awesome) small press. You can buy their postcards here. I’m also just thinking about making my own with card stock. It might be a good way to focus some of my anger into something creative.