#100happydays: That’s all folks!


100 Happy Days is another thing I have been neglecting to update on this blog, so I thought I’d post a giant Happy Days post. As I was updating it I realized that today is my last 100 happy day!! What incredible timing! I can’t believe my last post in this series is a picture of my hair. I should’ve chosen a better subject but oh well. In a way it is perfect. This project has been great because it has helped me see the goodness in the mundane. Which is a lesson I have really needed to learn. I’ve really enjoyed doing this and am going to miss it! I am thinking about replacing it with another 100 days of blogging project for 2017. Maybe starting in July?

#100HappyDays weeks 6 and 7


Wow. I have been BUSY. Here are the last two weeks of happy days.

I have a disclaimer for April 28. The absolute highlight of that day was meeting one of my oldest internet friends in person. We had a fantastic chat. I am refraining from posting her photo because I want to preserve her privacy. So I am posting my second most awesome moment of the day: finding some good deals on cameras!

I was in California the weekend before last and it seems I brought the sunshine back with me because it’s been summer here!