Sandy in Panorama


In February I bought a camera from a Facebook friend: an Ansco Pix Panorama. I am not sure exactly what possessed me to buy it because I have been telling myself to hold off on adding more things to my possessions, and I’d never even heard of this camera before. But G.A.S. won that battle and it ended up mine. I’m really glad it did because it turns out, this is a really fun little camera! It’s very lightweight and easy to carry everywhere. And the panoramas it produces are fun and different. A new challenge for me. And apparently there are a number of hacks that can be done to this camera because it is easy to disassemble, so that will also be a fun challenge.

Here are some shots around town during my lunch break.

Sandy Street

Sandy Steet

Sandy Nails

Sandy Nails

Meinig Park

Meinig Park

Surreal Purple Landscape


I mentioned a few months ago that I saw the documentary The Enclave at the Portland Art Museum. The documentary was filmed in Aerochrome which renders the landscape in brilliant pinks and reds. The choice of this film was brilliant for many reasons. Reasons that belong in their very own blog post.

This particular blog post is about film. Being a film photography enthusiast, I am fascinated by a film that changes the look of a landscape. Sadly, Aeorchrome is discontinued.

Enter Lomography*.

They are selling a film called Lomochrome Purple XR. The film does something similar in that it shifts greens to purples and creates very surreal landscapes. Blue Moon sells it locally so I picked some up and loaded it into my Olympus XA. Here are the results.

The film has an ISO rating of 100-400, so I tried it at 100, 200, and 400, depending on where I was. I didn’t see much of a difference in color shifts in the various ISO choices. The photos shot in brighter sunlight seem to be a bit more purpley but not that much more, as you can see above.

Yesterday I shot a roll of Lomo Purple in my pinhole camera at the beach and I am really looking forward to seeing how those came out. I will share the results here when I get them back from the lab.

*As much as I want to hate Lomography I can’t. They keep making products I like! Dammit!

Fleece The People



A couple of months ago I mentioned that the Traveling Yashica was on it’s way to me. Well, the camera came and went I and I had a blast with it! I shot three rolls of film through it, two for me and one for a films swap with Hamish, the owner of the camera. I shot a roll of slide film and a roll of Black and White film through it. I think this is my favorite from the roll of slide film. I took this at a carnival during my small town’s Mountain Day’s festival. The carnival visits every year and when it comes to town I always remember the conversation I had with a young man who worked there about fleecing the people who go to it. 

Read all about my adventures with The Traveling Yashica here!

Roll 14 – more point and shoot fun


Hey there! I’ve been away for awhile. I’ll update soon on my exciting whereabouts. But for now here is my most recent post on 52 rolls to keep you busy.

52 rolls

It’s been awhile since I have posted here. I have gotten a bit busy and haven’t had time to blog. I have had time to shoot, however.

Roll 14 I had fun with a point and shoot camera, again.

One of the things I love about my town is that it is quiet at night. I live in a small town about 45 minutes away from Portland and I love the stillness of it in the evenings. The downside of this is that there isn’t much to do here in on a Saturday night. Often, my husband and I will go for walks. Our walk on a past Saturday night in March took us to the local Goodwill – the only business (besides the bars) that is open until 9:00 on a Saturday night.

I made a beeline straight to the discarded camera section. It is a bin in the…

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Dueling Lenses



Raf and I had a fun day a few weeks ago playing cameras together. I think I am luring him, ever so slowly, into the world of film photography. He has decided that the Praktica is his so he has been using that. I was playing with a cheap find at Goodwill.

The roll in the Praktica was the first of the bulk roll of Arista 100 and I am very pleased with the results! I was a little nervous about how it would look but I am really liking the results of Raf’s roll. He still has to scan much of the roll so there is more to see. The next roll I will show him how to develop film.