Dispatches from a shy street photographer: waiting


Today’s image in this series comes from Amsterdam. I had a lot of fun randomly pointing my camera at things in that city. ūüôā This was the first outing with my XA. In fact, my friend, Inge had just given to me when we met a few days before.


Geeky Bits:

Camera: Olympus XA
Film: Kodak Tri-x

Developed in Diafine.

Amsterdam Bikes

Amsterdam bikes

Amsterdam was all about bikes. It’s nice to reminisce about my trip there.

I want to thank you for your good thoughts, virtual hugs, and comments on my last post. It all really helps so much. Much more than you probably realize. I am very grateful for my internet friends.

I have missed posting photos on Blatherskite and I think I am going to start doing that again. Fridays will be for creative stuff, so photography or poetry or both. Depending on what I have for you. If you are interested in more of my photography you can check out my photography blog here.

This is a photo I took in Amsterdam with my new favorite camera, an Olympus XA. It was loaded with slide film that was cross processed.

Roll 21 – The pinhole rolls (Amsterdam)


I scheduled this to post while I was in Spokane for my mom’s wedding and then forgot to reblog it. So here is some blog fodder.

52 rolls

Since I was going to Amsterdam for WPPD, I brought a pinhole camera. Specifically, my Zero 2000. I have written about this day several times in a few different places. You can read about the day on both Pinhole Obscura and Blatherskite, if you wish. In short: it was a fabulous day. One of the best. A day to remember!

I shot two rolls of film over the course of our vacation in this camera and here are my favorites. One of them is a shot of me pinholing myself drawing a picture of my pinhole camera for a stencil at the Rembrandt House museum. That was kind of an epic Amsterdam moment. You can read about it here. Also, I had the honor of being interviewed by Alex  Yates for the Pinhole Podcast while shooting the hot dog stand photo. You can hear me nerd out about…

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Amsterdam: Concluding thoughts

Travel and Other Adventures

Our time in Amsterdam was unforgettable for many reasons. ¬†But I think the thing that will stick with me the most about this vacation was the experience of meeting my internet friends in person. ¬†We come¬†from far-reaching corners¬†of the world and it was really incredible that we somehow were able to make this meet-up happen. And it seemed so effortless! I have known some of these friends for longer than others but the friendship that has grown with each of them individually via Twitter, Flickr, & Facebook means something to me. However, one can only know a person so well online. I think in general I had a sense that they are all good people – that I think a person can figure out pretty quickly online. But there¬†is something¬†missing about the person you get to know online. Meeting these wonderful people in person filled in those missing blanks. Kind of like coloring in a comic or something. ¬†Or maybe even animating it and bringing it to life. It’s nice.

In short: I highly recommend meeting your internet friends in person, even if you have to travel thousands of miles to do it. It’s worth it!

Amsterdam was incredible too. I didn’t fall in love with the city like I did with Paris, but I really really like it a lot. I think about it a lot and I want to go back and experience more of it.

Finally, here is a video that I made about our trip. Amsterdam in 48 seconds:


Amsterdam Day 6 – Waterlooplein and Rijksmuseum

Travel and Other Adventures

Our last day in Amsterdam was packed full. We decided to first go to Waterloopleinmarkt (the flea market). I was hoping to find some good deals on old film cameras. Unfortunately, it started raining when we were there and everything that wasn’t under a tent was immediately covered up. So if there was a table full of cameras there I did’t get to find it. I did, however, score an old Kodak Brownie box camera for 9 euros. I had to kind of chuckle at how much everyone freaked out over the rain. It was merely a mist and yet you’d think the sky was falling. I guess when you are used to the sky falling a little mist is nothing, really. Here are some photos I took there with my Olympus XA and iPhone:

When we were done there we wandered back toward our hotel. We took our time and I shot more photos as we went along. We found ourselves wandering into a coffee shop. We were both curious and would have regretted it if we’d left Amsterdam having not been inside one. I was a little hesitant at first. My assumption was that entering one of these places would be akin to entering a crack den (since pot is illegal here and completely demonized). However, I was shocked at what I experienced when I went inside. It had the atmosphere of, indeed, a coffee shop. There were couples sitting at the tables enjoying bong hits together. There were a couple of younger twenty-something guys giggling uncontrollably as they were recalling a story. One of the couples sitting at the table were older, my mom’s age. The people working there were very friendly and professional. The vibe was chill. It was awesome, frankly. My assumptions were totally shattered. I am not sure what other coffee shops are like in Amsterdam, but the one we visited was very nice.

Here are some photos from our wander back to the hotel:

And finally, we really wanted to get to the Rijksmuseum . When we finally made it over there we only had an hour to spend. So we spent a frantic hour trying to find all of the pieces we wanted to see. Here is a tourist taking an iphone snap of The Milkmaid.
A tourist taking an iphone snap of The Milkmaid

I honestly don’t remember much of the Rijks. It was a blur.