So subtle


35092016585_d11d9cb06b_c.jpgMy husband bought me a Reality So Subtle pinhole camera for our anniversary! We picked it up at Blue Moon Camera And Machine on our way to the coast the weekend of our anniversary and I was very lucky that Pinhole Master Zeb Andrews  was working that day. He sold us the camera and gave me some great tips on how to use it. I spent the weekend shooting the same shot with the two different pinholes to see what the difference in composition would be.

Here are literally my first two shots from the camera. I took them at the restaurant we went to have lunch. The camera was sitting on the table in front of the same set of forks and exposed for the same amount of time. My husband ended up taking one of the forks  for his lunch in the first photo.


Lower Pinhole used


Upper pinhole used

For both of these shots I used Ektar 100 and the exposure time was 1 minute 22 seconds.

I am super pleased with the first round of color shots from this camera!

Once upon a time…


back in the olden days before we were married.

Once upon a time I met a really cute skateboarder. I fell in love with him  the moment I met him. I fell in love with the way the skin around his eyes would wrinkle when he smiled. I fell in love with the sparkle in his eyes.  I knew on that night that I would marry him someday.

5 years later we were married. And now we have stayed married for 17 years. He is my best friend and favorite person.  And I still love that smile.

Happy anniversary, my love.


Here we are this past April in a bar in Amsterdam. Photo by Jeff McConnell.


Flickr Time Machine – invisible mountain


Ghost Mountain

My brainz are full of fog today so we are pulling a Flickr Time Machine post out of the hat. This photo was taken on this day in 2010. It is a photo of Mt. Hood reflected in Trillium Lake (one of my favorite places to photograph). I had just purchased the new iPod touch (the one with a camera) and was going a little nuts with Hipstamatic. I have since moved on to an iPhone but I have to admit, I loved using that iPod at the time. I loved that it was always there with me in my pocket. Way easier to carry than my big-old slr.

Also:  :looks at calendar and realizes: that TODAY is my three year anniversary of moving to Oregon!