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Barack Obama Wins!

Barack Obama Wins! (Photo credit: BenSeese)

I am SO HAPPY and relieved that Obama won re-election. I haven’t been into politics for quite awhile. I used to rant about it  a lot on this blog awhile ago. But that fire has turned into a few smoldering embers at the bottom of the pit. On the eve before election day I suddenly felt very anxious at the very real possibility that Romney could actually be president. I did not like it. Not at all. Not after hearing him speak during the debates and realizing how completely out of touch he is with my hopes, dreams, and desires as an American.

So I chewed my nails down to the quick during election returns. When Obama won it felt like the biggest exhale ever. What a relief! I am so happy.

Unfortunately I quickly found out that there was a vast number of citizens who are not happy. Not at all. Not even close. There are tumblr blogs  that are chronicling the tears of Romney supporters. News sites with lists of epic Conservative meltdowns.   sigh.

The thing is that I know exactly how the other side feels. I felt exactly the same way 8 years ago. I had the same fears (except I was afraid we would go fascist) and I seriously considered moving to Canada.  I even said some of the same words I am seeing conservatives using. So I feel compassion for them. It hurts badly when your team loses. Especially when there is so much emotion wrapped up in it.

But the fact of the matter is that we got through the last of the Bush years intact. We didn’t turn fascist, like I feared. We ended up pretty much o.k. as a nation. Maybe a little scarred but we are o.k.

I  noticed that lots of the fear is rooted in the fear of our country becoming socialist. I am hearing conservatives say things like “We elected a Socialist president.” We did not elect a socialist president. Having Obama in office is not going to cause our country to become socialist. We will never, ever (in a million, trillion) years become a socialist nation. Ever. We are a capitalist country with some socialist philosophies and institutions. We will continue to stay that way. You know why? Because Americans, no matter what side of the fence we are on, like our choices.  All of us do. I, personally, like that we have some government regulated institutions (like the public library for example). I would like to continue to have these institutions, as an American. I don’t want them taken away from me. Does having government-run institutions threaten capitalism? Absolutely not.

Anyway, just some post-election thoughts. I am happy that we have four more years of Obama. Very happy. I am sad that there are many people in this country who feel that we are divided because of it. I don’t want us to be divided. I want us to work together. We all want the same things, ultimately.

What’s going on

President Barack Obama and Justice Sonia Sotom...

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WA State has it’s first suicide via the Death with Dignity law.

This was a frightening story about an internet stalker.

These are great photos that look like they might have been Photoshopped but were not.

Obama’s picks Sonia Sotomayer for Supreme Court Justice. I am pleased.

This, however, is disappointing. C’mon California! Get with the program!

This was a very interesting article some annoying Flickr tendencies. I especially agree with the flashing “award” images. I’m sure I’m guilty of some of this stuff, tho 🙂

A couple of political tidbits

Still used in "End Times"

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First of all, I am really happy to have learned that Obama didn’t give in to McCain trying to bow out of the first debate on the pretense that he feels the need to fix the economic problem. And I really like Obama’s answer to it:

“It’s going to be part of the president’s job to deal with more than one thing at once.”

Enough said, really. I mean, the debates take up a few hours of their time on a Friday evening. They can debate. Now is a good time to debate, with all that is happening! I want to know how they plan to fix it!

Okay, the next little tidbit. I ran across this newsy item earlier this week and found it really interesting. Jill Greenburg, the photographer who shot the cover of the current Atlantic Monthly, the one with John McCain on the cover, had a few outtakes that she shared on her website. Apparently she ask McCain to sit for a few more shots and lighted him in a menacing way, McCain not suspecting a thing.

While I kind of think the outtake photo is kind of funny (scroll down a little bit on that link), I do think that she was very wrong to do this. In the end it was really just in bad taste. Especially the Photoshopped images that she put on her blog (you can see them on this post here). I completely understand the whole concept of making a political statement via your art. But I really don’t think it is in good taste to do it on a client’s dime.

Oh, to have a president who reads…


From Omnivoracious

This post made me smile today. Wouldn’t it be great to have a president that actually likes to read?

Also, isn’t this a fantastic photograph (Taken by Doug Mills of the New York Times) ?I’m impressed. Look how perfectly in focus Mr. Obama is. And great contrast!

You can read the actual post here:
OMNIVORACIOUS: Airplane (Tarmac) Reading: Barack Obama

Current Event Wednesday: Obama

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Primary Loss and Furor Over Ex-Pastor Hurt Obama in Poll – New York Times
Senator Barack Obama’s aura of inevitability in the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination has diminished in the wake of his loss in the Pennsylvania primary and the furor over his former pastor, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll.

I have to say. I’m disappointed that this is happening to Obama. I like him. I so want him to win. We need him. If he doesn’t make it then I will vote for Clinton. Because any Democrat is better than McCain (and, thus, the status quo). But I have to say I am very disappointed in Hillary Clinton’s tactics during this election. I am just so sick of all of the negativity. But am I surprised that she is like this? No. She has always been pretty cut-throat. This is nothing new.