Friday Random 10

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iPod? Check. Coffee? Check. O.k. Hitting random in 3…2…1….

1. I don’t believe you. The Thermals. Fuck yeah! Today’s FR10 is starting out very well. One of my favorite songs from my favorite album of this past year.

2. Failure. Unearth. goodness. that woke me up. why is this on my iPod?

3. Hitchin’ a Ride. Green Day. I like this song. I like this album.

4. Heart of Glass. Blondie. This song reminds me of bubble gum for some reason. It reminds me of buying Bubble Yum and Star Wars Cards. I do love this song, though. Yes. Very much so.

5. Beastie Boys. Pass the Mic. This is one of favorite B Boys songs.

6. Wild Thing. Jimi Hendrix. oooh! And this is the recording from the Monterey Pop Festival, the one where he sets his guitar on fire. Epic. I love this song so much. And Jimi, too. Here, watch this video. Your life will be complete if you do. (the looks on the faces of the audience are fucking priceless.)

7. Waltzing Back. Cranberries. I’m still thinking about Jimi’s sacrificial guitar so have nothing witty to say about this song.

8. C’mon C’mon. Von Bondies. This song reminds me of living in Santa Cruz. I think it’s been that long since I’ve heard it. I can’t embed the video so can watch it here. (mini rant: YOU ARE SHOOTING YOURSELVES IN THE FOOT, RECORDING ARTISTS, BY DOING THAT. Do you NOT want people to listen to your music?!)

9. Country Trash. Johnny Cash. yay! always love listening to The Man In Black.

10. Goodbye. Mudvayne. What an appropriate way to end this edition of FR10.

Friday random ten

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A very long time ago I used to do this thing called Friday Random 10. It was actually a blog meme and it was fun. To join in the fun, simply put your iPod on shuffle and blog the first ten songs played.

I actually had forgotten about it  until recently as I was going through all of my old blog posts. I kind of missed it! I’m sure the process is only edifying to myself but that’s o.k. I think I’ve come to the realization that I blog for myself. That others read my blog is  delicious icing on the cake.

So anyway, I bring you, again, today’s Friday Random 10. With YouTube videos so you can listen too!

1. Way out by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
LOVE this song and this band. Love to sing along with their music. Karen O’s voice is the best.

2. Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp. This song makes me remember my younger, carefree days, playing with my neighborhood friends at the playground.

3. Pictures of Lilly by the Who. Not one of my favorite Who songs.

4. Live wire Beastie Boys. I have a weird Beastie Boys story I should share sometime.

5. In my head by Queens of The Stone Age. God I love this song. I’d forgotten about it.

6. Lion’s Jaws by Neko Case. I discovered Neko Case in the dead of Winter in Spokane a few years ago. I bought all of her albums and played them obsessively. So now when I hear her music it reminds me of winter and , thus, sadness.

7. The Green Lady by Big Audio Dynamite. This song reminds me of having fun in NYC and, because I loved and listened to this album all the time, when I first moved to California.

8. Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley. I only have one Marley Album but a song from this album never fails to play during shuffle. My iPod loves Bob Marley. And so do I.

9. Let the Good Times Roll by the Cars. Fuck. Yeah.

10. I bleed, by Pixies. I do. For reals.

“Bush Must Go” playlist

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I published this playlist on iTunes. Unfortunately, it only published songs that I downloaded from iTunes. Drats! Anyway, here are some good songs that will get you pumped up for the election in November. Some of these are available on iTunes, which is where i got most of them. If they are not available on iTunes and they link to a download, the title goes to the page you can download it.
1. All You Fascists – Billy Bragg and Wilco. (iTunes)

2. American Idiot – Green Day.

3. Whatever happened to peace on earth? – Willie Nelson (available at Kuncinich’s site)

4. Make Love F**k War – Moby & Public Enemy

5. Man in Black – Johnny Cash

6. Testify – Rage against the Machine

7. Move On – Mike Doughty

8. The Empire Strikes First – Bad Religion

9. We Got The – Beastie Boys (I took this song off my iTunes playlist because it’s hella annoying. I don’t think I can listen to it on a regular basis.)

10. Get Up, Stand Up – Bob Marley

11. F**k Authority – Pennywise

12. Masters of War – Bob Dylan

13. This is my United States of Whatever (George Bush remix) – Liam Lynch (available on webjay)

14. In a world gone mad – Beastie Boys (Protest records, #7 Vol. 1)

15. Jacob’s Ladder (not in my name) – Chumbawamba (Protest records #1 Vol.5)

16. Move it on Over – Willie Nelson.

To this list I would add (but haven’t yet)
17. Fixin to die rag – Country Joe and the Fish.

If anyone wants me to burn this onto a cd I would be happy to do it.