Me: I am taking a photo of the Twin Peaks Diner with a Holga. I feel so hipster.

Raf: That is High-Hipster.

This is my Holga GFN with a 35mm film adaptor.  It was fun to use but I didn’t love the results from it.

Below is the other shot from the entire roll of 36 exposures that I kinda liked. A shot of Snoqualamie Falls (also featured in Twin Peaks)

Cue Twin Peaks Theme



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A Pinhole Tour of Zig Zag Falls


I realized a few weeks ago that I have taken photos of one of my favorite places, Zig Zag Falls with almost all of my pinhole cameras. So I thought it might be fun to feature them in one blog post.



My shot of Zig Zag Falls

My 2013 submission for WPPD. Made with a homemade, cardboard camera.


Zig Zag Falls

Zero 2000. July 22 2013.


P66 July 2014


TerraPin Bijou July 2015


Zero 45 July 2015

There are a few more cameras that haven’t seen Zig Zag Falls yet and now I will make it my mission to take them up there next summer! I have a few new ones coming, too.

Bridge Of The Gods

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Originally posted on Pinhole Obscura.

Once upon a time the Chief Of The Gods and his two sons, Pahto and Wy’east, traveled from the North down the Columbia River to find a place to settle. They came upon the most beautiful land they had ever seen and decided that this was the place. However, the two sons quarreled over the land and to settle the dispute their father shot two arrows from his bow: one to the North and one to the South. Pahto followed the arrow to the North and settled there, while Wy’east followed the arrow South. Their father then built A bridge across The Columbia so their family could gather from time to time.

Both sons fell in love with the same woman, the beautiful  Loowit. She could not choose between them so the brothers fought each other for her hand. They buried villages in their destructive wake. The area was left devastated by their war, and the bridge built by their father fell into the Columbia river.

Their father punished the brothers by turning them into mountains. Wy’east became the volcano Mt. Hood, and Pahto became the volcano Mt Adams. The beautiful Loowit became Mt. Saint Helens which stands between Adams and Hood.

The bridge was rebuilt by men and is, to this day, known as The Bridge Of The Gods.

Bridge Of The Gods 1

Exposure time: 5 seconds

Camera: Zero 2000
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Pinhole: 0.18mm
Focal Length: 25mm
ISO: 100
Aperture: f138
Dev: C-41 by Lab
Scan:Epson V500

You are the reason I am a vegetarian – a triptych


You are the reason I am a vegetarian. Part 1

You are the reason I am a vegetarian. Part 2
You are the reason I am a vegetarian. Part 3

I talked a little bit about the weekend I had my epiphany about eating animals after visiting the State Fair. The day before the State Fair visit we went on a local tour of farms. One of the farms we visited also raised cattle for food, these specific cattle, actually. I made friends with this cow. And then noticed that I could buy the meat of his brothers and sisters in the freezer in farm’s shop.

Geeky bits:
Camera: Holga 120N
Film: Tri-x

BTW: My vegetarianism is going very well. I’m about a month in and not really missing meat at all.

Roll 9 – in which I find courage


I have a new post up on 52 rolls! This one is kinda special. My first portrait of a stranger. I am generally very shy. I am really proud of myself, that I found the courage to ask someone if I could take their portrait.

52 rolls

When I woke up on Sunday morning it was a beautiful day. My original plan for the day was to do housework, but I couldn’t waste the sunshine on housework. I needed to get out there with my camera.

I polled Twitter for which camera I should take, my Yashica Mat or my pinhole camera? The resounding answer was the Yashica Mat! Seriously. Hands down the winner. Nobody at all suggested the pinhole camera. So my choice had to be the Yashica Mat. And the the pinhole camera (My heart was set on the pinhole camera, dammit).

I packed them both in my purse and off I went. My gut lead me back to Oregon City. I’d posted about an odd elevator there the day before on Pinhole Obscura and wanted to revisit this place.

I wandered around the city, looking for something that I never really found. I felt…

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