Sunday Wrap-up


UbiquitousIt’s been dark and dreary the past few days and I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. I miss Mr. Sunshine.

Thanksgiving was fun, though! It was a beautiful, sunny day. I went out on a little walk in the morning and then went to my mom’s house for dinner. It was really nice to see my brothers and their families.

The washing machine is fixed! On a hunch, Rafael plugged it into another outlet and it worked! yay! Now we need to get an electrician in to fix the faulty outlet.

I love my new camera. I’m having fun with it. But not as much fun as I would like, since it’s so darn dark. ugh.

Sunday Wrap-up


IMG_5728 copy
The biggest news for this week is that I got a DSLR finally! Today! I’m so stoked! I got a Pentax K10D. It’s awesome. Now I need to learn how to use it. And probably get a new computer to hold the massively large files this camera is going to take.

I went to my friend Marilyn’s retirement party this afternoon. I was the official Paparazzi. It was fun!

Washing machine is still broken. Went to Mom’s house to do my laundry this morning and my little brother made me breakfast. (awww!)

hmmm. I think that’s it for this week. I’m hungry so I’m going to go jet. L8rz

Sunday Wrap-up



I am ALMOST done with my NaSweKniMo sweater. yay! I may actually finish it tonight. This may be a knitting record for me! More on this tommorrow.

Our washing machine broke. ugh. We’ve never owned a home before this so we have never had to deal with broken things. I think we will try and fix it ourselves first. I have checked a few books out from the library so we shall see what we can do.

Twitter is fun! I’ve been enjoying it. Come join me if you aren’t on it yet :). It’s kind of cool!

I am hella sick of all of the crap that people bring into to work. I need to lose weight, dammit! So I have decided that I am cutting it OUT. No more sugary snacks at work. I will allow myself a sugary snack on Sunday, but it will be something yummy and worth it. I am seriously sick of coming into work and seeing candy and cookies and stuff like that in the staff lounge. I have this compulsion to eat it! Why? It’s not like I’ll never see that shit again! ugh. So I am going to try to just stop it.

Boring week. But that’s okay. I don’t’ like drama. Have a wonderful week!

A plan of action

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Okay. So this is day two. and, umm, I don’t know wtf to write about. I’m staring at a blank text box. sigh.

I need a plan. I think what I will do is each day post about a specific topic. I have lots of interests and this will be a way for me to organize my thoughts.

Since I’m participating in NaNoSweMo I will need to post some updating on that. So Mondays will be my NaNoSweMo day.

Tuesdays will be my creative writing days. Maybe I will post some kind of a poem I’ve been working on or a writing exercise.

Wednesdays will be will be Current event day. I will use this day to rant about whatever is going on in the news.

Thursdays I will choose a topic from this list and go for it. I may do this on Tuesdays, too if I don’t have anything creative to write.

Friday will be for photography. I’ll post something pretty I took earlier in the week and talk about.

Saturday will be a book review. I usually read at least one book a week and I’ve read quite a few recently that I should review.

Sunday will be a wrap-up of my week or an update on the hike for the day.

And everyday I will post a picture of the shoes I am wearing for my NaNoShoeMO entry. Except Mondays when I will post a picture of my sweater progress. And I may use Friday to be a pretty photograph that I have taken. Photography Friday!

Exciting isn’t it?

Speaking of exciting, I am now Twittering. My username is CraftyMoni if you would like to add me as a friend. Please do if you are on this thing..I have no idea what the heck it is but I want to find out. I suspect, since it’s a social networking thing, that it’s more fun when you have friends.

Okay. So now I must prepare for tomorrow’s post. A book review! Stay tuned.

Otherwise Occupied


Well, I’m not doing well with the picture a day thing. At least for the last two days. yesterday I spent an hour and a half on a self portrait that didn’t turn out really well. I decided to scrap it rather than post it here. And today I forgot my camera! ugh. I may or may not take a daily photo tonight when I get home from work. I think I’m more likely to chill with my knitting. I love my daily photo but sometimes a break is in order. I won’t give up on it yet, though.

I had nightmares last night about my knitting of all things! Well, they were more like anxiety dreams. I woke up all anxious about getting my projects done. What the? What does that mean? Maybe I should take a step back from that too! What a stupid thing to be anxious about!

Today I feel pretty good. Not great, but good. I don’t feel stressed out, which is a good thing.

Oh, I need to tell you what I’ve been occupied with over the weekend. I found a really cool service that will create and print a book for you and sell it on thier site if you want them to. It’s called Blurb. You download thier software and then create your book on your own computer using your own pictures to make it special. You can make wedding books, photography books, cookbooks, and (and this is what I was playing with) you can turn your blog into a book. And it’s really affordable! I made a book out of Blatherskite’s 2003 entries and it was less than $20.00. I made it over the weekend and ordered it and will let you know how it looks when I get it. I’m excited about this! I’ve been doing this blogging thing now for 4 (!) years. I think it would be really cool to have evidence of this part of my life that I can actuallly hold in my hands.