My Favorite Small Town


Plinky asks: “what is my favorite small town.” My answer: The town in which I live: Sandy, Oregon! This is the smallest town I have ever lived in. At first it was very weird. In many ways, it still feels weird. I have always lived in largish cities and have enjoyed the ability to blend into the mass of people. It has taken some getting used to. But I really like it. I love the community and the people who live here.

The small-town feel was really magnified for me when I went to Brewgrass this past summer. Brewgrass was a Wednesday evening event held at the local park that featured bluegrass bands and local beer. Sandy has some really wonderful free events in the summer, concerts, movies, and art festival. Brewgrass was the first time I’d experienced one of these events. It was a blast! The best part about it was that I knew a lot of people there. They were all people from the community. It was like being at a really rad family reunion or something like that. I loved it.

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Photography Friday: Brewgrass


Sandy is a great place to live all year round but it is especially fun in the summer. There is lots to do and the city does a great job to make it all happen. Shakespeare in the park, movies, concerts, all of it free! And the Mountain Festival. We can’t forget that. Unfortunately, I have never attended any of these things because I am lame. (With the exception of Mountain Festival! I did do that this year). That is, I was lame. I am no longer lame because I attended Sandy’s first annual Brewgrass shindig.

It was Wednesday evening. Since Wednesday is usually the day that my meditation group convenes we decided to, instead, go to Brewgrass to check it out. We actually tried to do a meditation under the Gazebo and were successful. It was kind of weird but, whatever. The weirdness wore off and it became very pleasant. In fact, I’m thinking I need to meditate at the park more often.

Afterward we wandered over to the main stage, grabbed ourselves a beer, and enjoyed each other’s company and the bluegrass music. My friend Susie had a friend from Santa Cruz visiting and I chatted with her. It turns out we had 4 things in common. 1)knitting – she was up here to attend Sock Summit. 2)Ukulele – She plays the uke too! 3) She lives in Santa Cruz – and I did too. 4) Mediation and Buddhism.

So that was very cool.

It was really great to be at an event were I saw so many familiar faces. Sandy is a small community and working in the library I have gotten to know a lot of people here.  I recognized a few moms from story time. One of them said, “Hi Miss Monica!”  I thought that was kind of fun (as I was paying for my beer).

I have said this before, but I am so happy that I moved here. I love living here. It’s such a wonderful community.