Shipwreck found on the beach in Santa Cruz in 2005

I’ve been spending some time updating the photos on older blog posts and have been enjoying the walk down memory lane.

Some of these old posts document some really great quotes I’ve heard from random people over the years. Here are a few highlights:

“I died in Spring and was resurrected in Winter.” – guy on a bike at Santa Clara University.

“This is about me proposing to Chloe’s ashes at the memorial isn’t it?” – Heard on Days of Our Lives in April 2005

“But when I listen to music it is transmitted to the whole world.” – guy at public library listening station when told to turn down the Britney Spears. November 2005

“Hey, I think that’s the library lady..Is that the library lady? Yeah, it is! That’s the library lady, guys!” – kid at the bus station. December 2005.

Britney’s bald?!?

Pop singer Britney Spears gained her second U....

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I really have never cared one way or another for Britney spears. But, dude, did you read the lastest about her?

She flew back to Los Angeles economy class on American Airlines and immediately drove to a hair salon and demanded that staff shave her head. When they refused, she picked up some clippers and did it herself.

She then drove over to the tattoo parlour where employee Emily Wynne-Hughes told local media yesterday that she was “highly agitated” and a “nightmare” to deal with. Spears was given a £50 set of red lips tattoos on her wrist. When asked about her new style, the singer told Hughes: “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everyone touching me.”

It’s like watching a trainwreck! Can’t…Look…Away….


Read the sordid story here:

‘Britney Shears’ hits rock bottom-Arts & Entertainment-TimesOnline