Pinholeday Film Swap with Jeff


I mentioned a few posts ago that one of the traditions that we have for our meetups on Pinholeday is to swap a roll of film with one of our friends for a film swap. This year I chose Jeff’s roll. I made my exposures, unwittingly, at the Chinese Garden when I was on a pinhole adventure with my friend Donna. I love how they came out though!

Click to see larger versions

Meditation 2

Tea is a way

Inside the tea house

Red and blue sky

I’m always up for a film swap. Let me know if you are interested!


Travel and Other Adventures

I had a really fun pinhole adventure today with my pinhole photography buddy Donna! We visited Portland’s Chinese Garden. 

even my pinhole camera feels chill here
Halfway through the roll I remembered that I was shooting a film swap roll that I received on pinholeday from my friend Jeff. I’m excited to see how these turn out!

I use my iPhone to help me compose my pinhole shots. Here are some from today. 

We also had tea in the tea house, which is always a treat. I tried moon cake for the first time. It was delicious!

Here is my fortune 

Indeed. I feel very fortunate. 🙂

Creative Spaces Are Holy Places


"creative spaces are holy places."

Another one from the Flickr archives. Taken one year ago at the Chinese Gardens in Portland when a friend was visiting. Interesting to happen upon this today of all days when I am feeling an almost desperate need to get in touch with my creative side. I have been feeling very blah lately. I get a bit angst y when I can’t express myself.

Regarding the title of the blog post: our friend looked at this little vignette at the Chinese gardens, cordoned off from the public, and made that statement. I think about it all the time. I also believe it whole-heartedly.I believe that when we are creating we are in touch with that part of us that connects us to the Divine and connects us to each other.  

Photography Friday: Chinese Gardens

Photography, Thoughts and Opinions

We had a friend visit from Spokane over the weekend. Actually, at least for Raf, it was a combo work/play kind of weekend. Colonus Publishing is getting a new book out soon and they were working hard on some details.

It was a really fun weekend. Our friend is a writer/small press owner and we talked a lot about writing. At dinner Sunday he pulled a copy of Howl by Allan Ginsberg out of his inside jacket pocket, mentioning that he was reading it instead of napping. I was impressed. I spent a good deal of time studying the beat poets in my twenties and hadn’t thought bout Howl for many years. It made me want to read it again myself.

We went to the Chinese Gardens on Monday and did the whole tourist thing. It was fun. I took the photo above at the tea-house. I wish it was a better photo. The composition isn’t bad but I need to learn a lesson or two about exposure.

Our friend made a very profound statement that I’ve been thinking about the past few days. We entered a building that had a vignette set up that showed people what an art studio in Medieval China would look like. Our friend liked this very much and exclaimed, “Creative spaces are holy places.” I couldn’t agree more. But he said it much more succinctly than I did.

Later on we walked over to Powells and I bought Howl, along with some other poetry books (Billy Collins and Rilke).