What do we do?

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I just got a really disturbing comment on my blog on this post (about Global Warming).

Well, of course the climate is changing. It’s called nature. There are changes in the climate ALL the time. Ice age, melt down. Anyway, I don’t deny the events happening in our world but I don’t think it’s caused by the idea of “global warming.”
I think you confuse yourself. People who don’t believe in it, most of wich, think it’s only nature. I think they are aware of the problems our world is going through but there’s nothing we can do about, it’s nature. This is a trivial matter though, what you need to worry about more than “global warming” are the thing we KNOW is happening and hurting our people. Poverty, people with AIDS, HIV, endangered species, our rainforest being cut away! (no more chocolate) just kidding..(but still true). Things like that are more important to worry about. It’s confirmed and happening now. Anyway, what do I know i’m just some 15 year old who has too much time on her hands.

How do we get through to people? The scary thing is that this is a 15 year old. This is someone who we will have to depend on in the future to fix this mess we have made for them. And they are being brainwashed to believe that it’s “only nature.” How can we educate people? I’m sick of debating the issue. We need to take action. We don’t have time to debate the issue anymore. Here are some links to check out. Please, if you still think it’s “Nature” click the links and take the time to educate yourself. We all need to take action now. There is lots we can do. Let’s not be complacent.




Also, I noticed that there is an article in this week’s Newsweek magazine about the machine behind the argument against Global Warming. I haven’t read it yet but I plan to.

Are there any websites, articles, or anything that you can add? These were found with a quick Google search but I know there are more out there. Please feel free to post a link in the comments.

And people still think global warming isn’t real

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note: I started writing this last week! sigh. I’ve been a busy girl.

I am astounded at the people who think global warming isn’t a threat with all of the evidence all over the place saying that it is. The lastest being a report published by United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“The whole of climate change is something actually here and now rather than something for the future,” said Neil Adger, a British lead author of the report.

I really just don’t understand how people can be so blind. How can they not see that this is a real threat right now? It is a real and serious threat and our country needs to do our part to reduce our emissions. And people need to come to grips with the fact that it is real. It is not a political ploy made up by Al Gore. It is not something that should be dividing our country. People need to wake the hell up. Turn off Fox News and back slowly away from the television.

Somebody that I know was raked through the coals for making a little comment about global warming. It was an innocent comment. Almost a joke. Someone made some comment about the weather and the comment, “maybe it’s global warming” was stated in response. A person sitting in the room (it was a staff lounge. Not were I work, btw. I work with really normal people, thank god) totally ripped into this person that I know (the one who made the “global warming” comment). She stated that it isn’t real, it’s just a myth, blah blah blah blah blah. I think we all know the talking points. I guess this person was even getting angry, trying to defend her idiotic position. And in the end, that’s what she looked like. An idiot. A raving lunatic.

Here is the original CNN article I read on this:

U.N.: Warming ruining society, nature – CNN.com

The neocons are worried about Gore’s electricity bill? ugh.

Al Gore on Global Warming

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I have been pulling my hair out the past few days at the latest in the Neocon’s dispicable antics. That is, to call Al Gore a hypocrite because his electricity bill is high. There are so many things wrong with this attack. So many things. First of all, it’s so obviously an attempt to swift-boat Gore. And it’s laughable. And I, personally, am really sick and tired of the Rovian attacks the right wing employs. Sick and tired of it. Secondly, Global Warming is there no matter what. It doesn’t matter how big anyone’s electricity bill is. Al Gore’s electricty bill has nothing to do with the larger issue of Global Warming. NOTHING. And everyone needs to do something to minimize the effects of it. Pandagon explains it quite succinctly:

Gore should probably do more personally if his bills are indeed that high, but on the whole, it’s hardly relevant compared to the huge amount of work that he’s done advocating for a collective response. Calling Ted Haggard a hypocrite dramatically undermines his message, because his belief that being gay is wrong is based strictly on religious faith. Calling Al Gore a hypocrite and deciding this excuses your SUV-driving doesn’t change the facts; the planet will still fry even as your conscience is clear because you called Gore a hypocrite. Even if Al Gore were the highest carbon emitter on the planet, this would not change the truth about global warming one bit.

That’s right. So shut off your damn lights when you leave a room. It will help you in the long run anyway.

The benefits of doing something to lower your environmental footprint far, far outweight the costs.


Thoughts and Opinions

puddle 2

I’m really creeped out by the weather Frank and Dianne (and Jamison) are getting on the East Coast. It’s in the 70s? You have got to be kidding me! Dianne took a picture of her Daffodils sprouting! In early January?!? That is just wrong.

The weather here is cold. It’s been snowy and cold. But there are some subtle things about it that seem kind of strange. Not like the winters of my childhood.

I guess since I have moved from here (in around 1989) Spokane has these freeze and thaw cycles in winter. It will snow heavily, get really cold and then warm up above 32 degrees and melt. Last year it was really cold for weeks and then we got a “Chinook wind” and melted the snow for a few weeks and then it snowed again. And the snow stayed on the ground for a few weeks until another Chinook blew through. I guess this has been the pattern for the past 10 years or so here.

When I was a kid here I remember snow being on the ground all winter. I remember this because It would really start to get to me in March. Sometimes it would stay until April! I remember getting lots of snow. So much that we could build snow forts and had snowball fights. It doesn’t really seem the same anymore. kids are still able to do these things, but there is a much smaller window of opportunity before the snow melts.

This winter has been strange. Yesterday was a good example. I woke up yesterday morning, looked outside and saw fresh snow on the ground. Lots of it, actually. In fact, I was debating whether I wanted to brave the roads to go meet my mom for breakfast. When I talked to her on the phone an hour later she replied (in a tone that sounded like she thought I was losing my mind) that it was raining out and there was no snow to be seen. Sure enough, I took another look outside and all of the snow was quickly melting. All of the snow we got that night melted by the afternoon. That seems kind of strange to me. It’s like the weather is on steroids or something.

Wish me luck tommorrow. Send good thoughts and vibes for my presentations. They are going to start at 8am pacific time :).