Current Event Wednesday. Scratching head.

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Okay. So I’ve been looking over today’s headlines to find something to post about and I got stuck. I got stuck because this article is one of the top U.S. headlines on at the moment:

Tired of slights, embarrassment, man sheds 87 pounds
Tim Welch was never the kind of guy who worried about his weight.
In fact, the 37-year-old accounts manager from Seattle, Washington, ate a fairly balanced diet and loved participating in sports while growing up.

“I was thin and fit my whole life,” Welch remembers. “I was always active in sports such as running cross-country in high school and swimming on the swim team in college.”

Things started to change in 1995 after he graduated from college. Welch got a job, moved out of his parents’ house and began indulging in late-night meals with his friends.

OMFG. This is the story of EVERYONE’S life. This is top news on CNN?!? This is news? Ugh. I’m disgusted. Does anyone know of a GOOD online news outlet? I originally found this article on Google News. I swear, I wasn’t going to post on it but found myself getting angry at how lame it is that the news isn’t really reporting news and decided that, well, I might as well rant about this.

Not that this guy didn’t accomplish something by losing 87 pounds. I think that’s great. It’s something that is to be commended. But one of the top two headlines for U.S. News? I KNOW there are other things going on in this country right now.

sigh. And now that I’m linking to CNN I’m going to get every Dick and Jane posting a comment here. I need to find a new news outlet.

Nancy Grace?

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VIEW / Guilty or not, here she comes — Nancy Grace brings mob justice to CNN

if one looks at every page of every transcript since “Nancy Grace” debuted three months ago, the program more closely resembles a torch-bearing mob than the “legal issues” show that CNN promised. Grace has created her own parallel universe in which guests are berated for advocating due process, panelists are invited back frequently if they make ad hominem attacks and suspects are seemingly guilty until proven innocent.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have cable, and, therefore, don’t watch these infotainment news channels such as CNN, MSNBC, and the king of them all, Fox “news”. I realized, while on my trip to Louisville, that I was not missing out AT ALL.

As I was flipping through the channels on my hotel television I came across this Nancy Grace woman, and was rather horrified. I kind of stared at the television in disbelief for a few minutes. Not believing that this shrill, awful woman was on television. At the time I didn’t know I was watching CNN.

This woman was very stupid. She was saying really stupid things that didn’t warrant her to devote a television show to them. She was incessently droning on and on about a serial killer and that he should just fry, and why are we spending our taxpayer dollars on letting this person sit on death row and getting the chance to have his case appealed. She would go on and on with details about what he did to his victims to make her point. And she went into grusome details, too. I was getting grossed out by the details. The lawyer she was talking to voiced what I was thinking in my head. He had this look on his face like he was thinking, “Is this woman THAT stupid?” and he said, “Nancy, we live in a country in which we rule by law.” Duh.

Found this via Eschaton.