Bridge Of the Gods


New blog post up at Pinhole Obscura about The Bridge Of The Gods on the Columbia Gorge. There is a really wonderful Native American legend about this place that I love.

Pinhole Obscura

Once upon a time the Chief Of The Gods and his two sons, Pahto and Wy’east, traveled from the North down the Columbia River to find a place to settle. They came upon the most beautiful land they had ever seen and decided that this was the place. However, the two sons quarreled over the land and to settle the dispute their father shot two arrows from his bow: one to the North and one to the South. Pahto followed the arrow to the North and settled there, while Wy’east followed the arrow South. Their father then built A bridge across The Columbia so their family could gather from time to time.

Both sons fell in love with the same woman, the beautiful  Loowit. She could not choose between them so the brothers fought each other for her hand. They buried villages in their destructive wake. The area was left…

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Annual Thanksgiving Day Waterfall Video


I realized, just now, that I did this last year, too. I am now going to make this a “thing.”

We went for a lovely walk to Wahclella Falls on the Columbia Gorge. Since photos can’t really do it justice (and I suck at waterfall photos) here is a video. It was very loud.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day Hike – Eagle Creek

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Behind the weeping cliff

On Thanksgiving we decided to hike Eagle Creek, a trail on the Columbia Gorge. Several of my friends have told me that it is one of their favorite hikes and I’ve wanted to try it for a long time.

I was completely blown away by the beauty around me. I lagged behind to photograph almost everything. I found myself alone on the trail while Susie and Raf walked ahead and I didn’t  mind it at all. As I was walking along I found myself walking along a cliff that was literally weeping. There were cables attached to the side of the cliff that I could grab hold of, which I did. I noticed that there was a sheer drop to the bottom and I was tempted to let fear overtake me but I didn’t give in and I kept walking. Actually, the fear kind of came and went pretty quickly and I wasn’t so bad. I finally reached Susie and Raf who waited for me and I remarked, “that was really sketchy.” Susie agreed that it took her a few times hiking it before she felt comfortable with that part of the trail. I realized that I had walked it by myself and hadn’t completely passed out from fear. I was kind of proud of myself for that!  Had I known that people died on this very trail I might have felt a bit differently (so glad I didn’t know this before hiking this trail! yikes!!)

After the sketchy cliff trail we arrived at Punch Bowl Falls, one of many waterfalls along the trail.

We hiked to High Bridge, which is a little over three miles from the trail head. We originally wanted to hike to Tunnel Falls but didn’t because of the time. We weren’t too keen on hiking in the dark. Plus it had started raining pretty hard and the forest was already darkish from the cloud cover.

I love the bits of wispy fog that we get here. The fog  hangs in place and stays there for a while. It’s so beautiful. This is what we saw on our way back to the car.


When I was taking this shot a young couple walked by and the girl said, “It looks like C.G.


We passed that couple as they were talking to some people with backpacks. Then they passed us again. As they walked by the girl felt compelled to tell us, “I just was talking to someone who I went to High School with in New England! And she lives in Seattle!” Their mind was clearly blown by this bit of synchronicity. And we were too.  It gave us something to ponder as we finished our hike back to the car.

When we finished our hike we decided to check out the salmon spawning in the creek near the fish hatchery. Amazing! I’ve seen this a couple of times (having lived here for two years) and I never get tired of it. The salmon are huge! We saw some that were, I swear, as big as sharks! We were standing on the bridge in the rain, watching the salmon and I decided I needed to get a video of it. So I ran as fast as I could to the car to get my camera. As I was running back to the bridge I felt this incredible feeling of happiness and I thought “today was fucking fantastic.”

Here is a video (though it doesn’t begin to capture the awesome).

Oaks Toothwort


We went for a beautiful hike in the Columbia Gorge last weekend and, of course, I had to take a picture of some of the flowers growing there. I decided that I needed to start identifying these flowers that I take pictures of. I spend time admiring them I should take the time to learn their names. It’s the least I could do. So I did a little sleauthing and found that this particular one is Oaks Toothwort.

what a week!

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Raf and I went on an interesting hike at the Columbia Gorge last weekend. Again we found it in “100 hikes in Northwest Oregon” and it proved to provide us with all kinds mystery. Again. This time the hike referred to a trail that that barely existed. We finally found the trail by chance and followed it but it was very rustic.

The story behind this place is interesting. It is Tooth Rock and it used to be the old Columbia River Highway. Here’s what the book says on page 118:

When Engineer Samuel Lancaster laid out the original Columbia River Highway in 1913, he decided not to tunnel through Tooth Rock, a basalt shoulder of Wauna Point that juts out over the river. Instead he perched the narrow roadway on a perilous-looking viaduct, a half-bridge clinging to the cliff’s face. The resulting viewpoint was so impressive that Model T drivers often stopped to gawk – and were sometimes rear-ended by the next car” – William L. Sullivan.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Well, it really isn’t that spectacular. In modern days the view is of the Bonneville Dam. Oh well. It was an adventure.

Speaking of adventures, our apartment complex was the scene of this little news story. It was quite the story in our little town here. The scariest part of it for us was that Raf almost walked right into it when he went outside to check the mail. He called me to ask if I could check the news to see what was going on, that the manager’s house was surrounded by armed FBI agents. So, yeah. Big news. I’m not happy that the the tenants of the freaking complex were not notified that this was happening. The least that could have been done was put some police tape around the area, blocking people from entering the crime zone.

So there’s my little rant of the week.

Have a good weekend!