Of Coeur d’Alene Lake and Dick

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Official portrait of Secretary of Defense Rich...

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We went hiking at Tubb’s Hill in Coeur d’Alene today and I tooks some pictures that I will post this week.

On our way home from Coeur d’Alene we noticed that there were A LOT of police hanging around. And then we realized that Dick Cheney is in town visiting. In fact, we think his motorcade was traveling the opposite direction from us on the freeway. I think they closed the freeway going east while he was driving to his destination from the airport. We saw (probably) the entire police force driving around some sort of SUV. As it drive by Raf gave Cheney the devil horn handsign. Fun times.

Cheney’s Avalanche of Lies

Official portrait of Secretary of Defense Rich...

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t r u t h o u t – William Rivers Pitt: Cheney’s Avalanche of Lies

“I spent Tuesday evening watching the debate, and then writing about it. When I was done, I went to the website Dick Cheney told Americans to visit in order to get the truth about Kerry’s record. Cheney said we should view ‘FactCheck.com,’ but as a seasoned internet scrambler, I knew immediately he meant ‘FactCheck.org’. Not much difference between a .com and a .org, right?

Wrong. FactCheck.com is a website owned by George Soros. The banner headline across the top of the page reads ‘WHY WE MUST NOT RE-ELECT PRESIDENT BUSH.’ You can assume what the content to follow has to say, or you can go visit the site yourself. I’d love to see what Soros’ hit counts look like on Wednesday morning. This is a fairly solid allegory for Dick Cheney’s night at the desk.” – wrp

Oh, this is truly priceless! What else can I say? Fantasitic! I haven’t even read the editorial yet…

Cheney, Edwards Trade Sharp Attacks on Iraq


Yahoo! News – Cheney, Edwards Trade Sharp Attacks on Iraq

“Mr. Vice President, you are still not being straight with the American people,” Edwards told Cheney, adding later: “I don’t think the country can take four more years of this kind of experience.”- John Edwards

No, Mr. Edwards. we can not!

Just watched the debate. Thought Edwards did pretty good…But Cheney had some pretty good jabs. He (Cheney) is so god damn much smarter than Bush, but then the bar has been lowered THERE. But it is quite obvious that, while smarter than Bush, he is also as deluded as Bush, too.

My thoughts on Cheney: 1. He is the most boring human being alive. When he was giving his closing statements my eyes literally glazed over. And didn’t it seem so empty? 2. It seemed as if he didn’t take Edwards very seriously. He seemed put out by being at the debate. He had an attitude that exuded “I am too good to be here. This is beneath me.” 3. Again, he repeated the same stump speech and talking points. Over and over (although not as much as Bush did) It’s all they got, people. It’s all they got. 4. I talked to my Mom a few minutes ago and she said that she nearly fell over in her chair when he mentioned Tom Foley’s name. Tom Foley (former congressman from Spokane, and former speaker of the house before Newt Gengrich replaced him – after he was voted out of office. [stupid!]) was a liberal democrat. It’s kind of a slap in the face for Spokane Democrats when Cheney invokes the name of Tom Foley.

Edwards did a pretty good job..I think that he did a good job of answering the questions and also responding to the misinformation that Cheney was throwing out there. He made sure the Kerry/Edwards platform laid out. He did a good job of clearing stating were the Bush Admin is wrong.

The thing that’s good about these debates is that everyone is watching them. And I’m specifically talking about the neo-cons who are so narrow minded that they might not see a Kerry or Edwards speech, or they might not take the time to see where Kerrry/Edwards stand. These are people who see the world throught the filter of Fox News. These debates are great because these people can, at least for 90 min., see Kerry and Edwards unfiltered.

A sleazy remark from Cheney


Yahoo! News – Gore: Cheney ‘Wrong Choice’ Remark Sleazy

“The claim by Bush and Cheney that the American people must give them four more years in office or else be ‘hit hard’ by another terrorist attack is a sleazy and despicable effort to blackmail voters with fear,” Gore said.

“They are going back to the ugliest page in the Republican playbook: fear,” he said. “They’re not even trying to convince you to vote for George Bush. Their only hope is to try and make you too afraid to vote for John Kerry. It’s the lowest sort of politics imaginable.”

Reading the news lately is pissing me off. The latest antics of Cheney makes me see red! Folks, the Bush admin thinks we’re stupid. They are treating us like rats in a labratory. They think we are too stupid to make our own descisions on the candidates based on thier policies so they have to resort to using fear to get us to vote for them. ARG!!!!! (she says as she pulls her hair out).