my kitchen


I might have mentioned that I took the Beginning Kourse at Sketchbook Skool. I loved it! It got me out of my funk and back to sketching nearly every day. The last week was taught by Tommy Kane, whom I think I really like the best out of all the artist/teachers. I just like his style the best. And his approach. His assignment was to take hours to draw a very detailed drawing of our kitchen. I did it in 30 minute increments. I really, really enjoyed doing this. Taking the time to really look at the details and draw them was very meditative and relaxing. And, as far as drawing goes, it built my confidence. I feel less overwhelmed by a blank page now. What I did with this drawing was I just started with something, in this case, my stove. And then I just built from there. So the lesson I took away from this is to just start with something. Anything. Don’t even look at it as part of a big picture. Just look at it as a piece of the big picture. Draw it and then move on to the next thing.

Here are some photos of my process and then the final drawing (which I even took the time to scan 🙂 !)



A new camera 

Drawing, Photography

I managed to draw one thing this past week: my newest pinhole camera. It’s a Nopo 35 and I am very excited to finally have it in my possession. It’s a beautiful hand made camera and also very practical. The shutter opens by turning the front. It has threading for filters (which I’m looking forward to playing with). I’m not usually fond of 35mm for pinhole – mostly because the cameras are not ideal for the 35mm cartridges. But this one is unique in that you can rewind the film back into the original cartridge. I am still on my first roll, but I am already thinking this is the pinhole camera I take with me to Barcelona next year! The economy of 35mm would be worth it!

Olympus OM1

Drawing, Life

So now I am down to sharing drawings from past months because I literally have not picked up a pencil all week. The muse is a fickle bitch. Anytime she wants to come back – I’m waiting…

I started drawing my camera collection several months ago. I think this drawing of my Olympus OM1 is my favorite of these sketches.

Fisherman’s Friend


I am still in a bit of a drawing slump but I did manage a desk sketch last week of my cough drops. I’ve been sick with the worst cold ever for the past 2 weeks but today I finally feel human. Hopefully this is the end of that. I fell behind on a bunch of favorite routines these past couple of weeks.