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I was having a Facebook conversation with a dear friend of mine (Hi Rachel!) about re-committing to eating vegan. I haven’t been doing so well in this arena. I haven’t even been eating vegetarian! So this is my way of making sure I am being true to myself – blogging once a week about my progress. Since it feels kind of like confession, Sundays seem like an appropriate day to do this. I am sure you (all two of my readers) will find this Sunday check-in interesting! Are we ready? Then let’s do this.

So. Yeah. Not doing so well with the vegan thing. And not doing so well with the losing weight thing either. So I have decided (again) to do the Engine Two 28 day challenge. They make it so easy with the eating plan and the shopping list that you can print up. I have it all printed and all I have to do is go shopping for the week. It should be easy for me because I have been cooking the recipes for several months.

I have also started keeping a food journal at My Fitness Pal. I have done this off and on throughout the years with varying degrees of success. For the most part I find them horribly tedious. On the other hand, they are also very eye opening. For example, I realized yesterday that beer has a lot of calories and the fact that I have been drinking a lot of it is probably the reason why I haven’t been able to lose weight.

Therefore I need to stop drinking beer if i want to get serious about losing weight.

This fact makes me a little sad because one of my favorite things is a good craft micro-brew after work. Honestly, there are few things that are better than that. But I am going to have to maybe think hard about whether it is really worth it.

The good news is that I am running again! I am on week 5 of the Ease in 5k program. My foot seems to be healing and everything is going very well. I am also doing that 7 minute workout that was featured in the New York Times a few months ago.

vegetarianism revisited

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Menu of Dick's Hamburgers at Spokane, WA

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This post at the Tattered Coat is very thought provoking. Stomach-churning, yes, but also very thought provoking. Especially for me as I’ve been contemplating going vegetarian lately. Again.

Since I’ve moved back to Spokane I’ve fallen into the clutches of The Belly Buster, a Zip’s Hamburger classic. I was able to cut myself off from fast food for, what was it? 10 years? And now that I’ve moved close to Zips I’ve caved. Fallen off the wagon. But how could I not? Zip’s Belly Busters inlude the artery clogging combination of a meat patty, cheese, ham, bacon, and your standard hamburger condiments like lettuce, tomato, mayo. And this delicious burger is followed by thier delectible fries dipped in Tartar sauce. Yes, in Spokane we dip our fries in tartar sauce. yummy!

But, unfortunately, I am not 20-something anymore and cannot eat Belly Busters to my heart’s content like the good old days. sigh. I’ve probably gained at least five pounds since I’ve moved here. I’m afraid to even step on the scale.

Sooo, this leads me to my desire lately to change my ways. I’ve been considering vegetarianism again, and I’m also considering taking up Yoga, too. I feel like my whole psyche just needs a change.

Not saying I’m going to take the plunge, but it’s posts like this one from Tattered Coat that make me consider it.