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I just read this post at the blog, Ornicus. this is why we have to fight. I will not stand by and allow these conservative bastards to spread this hatred. Reading this post really lights a fire under me to continue the fight. I will not allow this bigotry, this utter contempt to be the […]

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Kerry Concedes Election to Bush

Yahoo! News – Kerry Concedes Election to Bush Bush aides said he told Kerry he was an “admirable, worthy” opponent during the phone call, which ended their bitter and extraordinarily close eight-month struggle for the White House. Well, it’s over. At least for now. This is a huge dissappointment. It wouldn’t be so bad. But […]

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High Voter Turnout in Bay Area

Yahoo! News – High Voter Turnout in Bay Area “In some instances, we’ve even had 40 to 50 people waiting in line,” said Elma Rosas of the Santa Clara County Registrar’s Office. “It looks like we may have a large turnout.” This is incredible….One person I just talked to said she had to wait in […]

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