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“Fahrenheit 9/11,” Michael Moore’s sleazy propaganda film targeting President Bush, was just fine with millions of liberals. Those who complained about the film’s many inaccuracies were accused of wanting to censor the movie, of somehow opposing Americans’ right to freedom of speech.”

MM wasn’t using public airwaves to show F911 you stupid moron! You could choose not to pay the 10 dollars and not see the film if you think it’s sleazy. Forcing television stations to pre-empt regular broadcasting to air this anti-Kerry, lying screed is the very definition of sleazy and it shouldn’t be aired. And if it is, then Sinclair should also air F911 for political balance!!!!!! ❗

Farenheit 9/11 again

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Cover of "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Cover of Fahrenheit 9/11

I went to see Farenheit 9/11 with my family last night (i’m in Spokane visiting). Again, it just blew my mind. It is such a great film. It was interesting because the theater was packed, even after being in theaters for three weeks! AND in Spokane, which I kind of always thought was rife with conservatives. It was cool to see how the audience reacted. In Santa Cruz, people clapped when the injured soldier said he would switch parties and become very active in the Democratic party when he got home. In Spokane, that statement didn’t get much of a reaction. However, the part that really got a reaction in Spokane was when the marine recruiters were scoping out the poor side of town for possible recruits. Someone in the audience yelled out something that I couldn’t hear, then another guy behind me yelled “Keep recruiters out of the schools!” and then everyone in the theater clapped! I thought about it and realized that there are so many boys in Spokane getting shipped off to Iraq. When the movie was over everyone clapped and then just sat there until the lights came on. It was like the audience didn’t know what hit them.

Seeing it for the second time, it was still very good. Go see this movie! And then vote Bush out in November. And get all of your friends to see it, too.

Farenheit 9/11

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Well I saw Farenheit 9/11 on Saturday during a matinee. The experience of seeing it on the big screen in Santa Cruz was so cool. It was nice to get out into my community and be around people who feel the same as I do (although, it really isn’t hard to find people who dislike Bush in California). It was interesting to hear the audience reaction to different scenes. There was one scene in particular that was really moving to myself, and apparently, the rest of the audience. The film crew was in a military hospital interviewing solders who had been wounded. It was so sad to see these poor guys. Many of them had limbs blow off. One guy was wrapped in bandages and and had his arms blown off up to his elbows and he mentioned that he could still feel his hands, and that they were in pain. One guy had severe nerve damage and said he was in constant pain. He said that he went into the war as a republican. He was all for the war and what he thought it stood for. But as he fought over there and came to the realization that the American people were duped into this war, he stated that he has reversed his position and that when he goes back home he will be heavily involved in the democratic party. That’s when everyone in the theater cheered 🙂 .

This movie was extremelly moving. It excels in the places where it really shows how horrible the Iraq war is. It shows us the innocent civilians who have died needlessly. It shows us the solders who are over there fighting and not knowing what they are fighting, and dying, for.

It was interesting to see the connections between the Saudi family and the Bush family and thier business connections. It raises some extremely interesting questions.

The information presented is not stuff that MM is just making up. This is stuff that has been reported in various news outlets over the past 4 years.

This is by far his best work to date. It is very polished and it certainly deserved his award at Cannes. In and of itself, it is just a great film. It is by far the best documentary I have ever seen. I would, and probably will, go see it again.

Go see this movie. Seriously. It DEFINATELY lives up to all of it’s hype. Hell, Fox News even praised it:
“It turns out to be a really brilliant piece of work, and a film that members of all political parties should see without fail. As much as some might try to marginalize this film as a screed against President George Bush, “F9/11″ is a tribute to patriotism, to the American sense of duty — and at the same time a indictment of stupidity and avarice.”
– Roger Friedman

Now go out and see it. You know you want to 😉

Thank You, Michael Moore

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Michael Moore in 2004

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t r u t h o u t – Extra: William Rivers Pitt | Thank You, Michael Moore

I can’t wait to see Farenheit 911! R and I are going to see it tommorrow during a matinee. I’ll give my opinion of it tommorrow. I have a feeling it will blow my mind.

Oh, and this is soooo cool. Since MM loves the librarians, there will be a showing of Farenheit 911 at the ALA Conference tonightLibrarians will be able to watch it for a $10.00 donation that will go toward “ALA’s efforts in the areas of the First Amendment, Intellectual Freedom, and the struggle against the USA PATRIOT Act”…aw! The librarians love you, too, Michael!

Micheal Moore’s latest film, Fahrenheit 9/11, has been banned by Disney, it’s distributor. Unbelievable. Well, you know what? It just makes really, really want to go see it. It must be bloody fantastic if it has been banned by Disney.

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