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The news of the past week has left me exhausted, and to add to my suffering I had to go to the doctor today for a running injury that I am hoping won’t sideline me. I’m right at a key point in my training, too. So I’m a little bit depressed and stressed.

I really don’t have the mental capacity to come up with a blog post today. So let’s dive into the Flickr Time Machine and see what I was doing 10 years ago.

Going Around


Clock Tower

Well this is fun. 10 years ago this week I dug my  film camera  out the the closet, my beloved Pentax P30t, and decided to take myself downtown to shoot some film. I’d been shooting digital for awhile but had an urge to shoot a roll of film.  Little did I know a seed was planted that day. 😉

These were taken in Riverfront Park (Spokane, Washington) on August 19, 2007. I probably used Fuji Superia.

Flickr Time Machine


Lone beachcomber

I am determined to post something on this blog 3 times a week, dammit. I was tempted not to today because I am feeling blah and cranky and irritable and I have nothing interesting to say. But then I remembered Flickr Time Machine. YES!

Here is a photo from this day (January 28) in 2008. That was 7 years ago. SEVEN YEARS AGO. Where has the time gone? I was in Capitola, CA, visiting my in-laws and was watching the sunset with Rafael. Oh how I wish I was in Capitola right now. If I remember right, we returned to an unbelievable amount of snow and at the tail end of The Storm Of The Century.

Here are some more photos from that day.

Flickr Time Machine

Life, Photography

I like this candle holder

Every once in awhile I like to look at my Flickr Archives to see what I was doing on this day in a past year. Today I looked at 2008. This was the year I was in the middle of a photo/crafting project called “Project Spectrum.” Each year had a different theme and the particular theme for this year was The Elements. We were working on fire for this month I see. It was kind of a fun project. I recall doing a few things around the fire element besides photography. I made a quilt made out of reds, oranges, and yellows.

It’s funny that I have moved away from crafting. I am not sad about it at all. I feels like a natural progression. I still knit but not as avidly as I once did. For example, I used to whip up a sweater in two weeks but now it takes much longer. I have been working on my current project for almost an entire year! And I don’t really care. I am not impatient to finish it. Just enjoying the process when I find the time to work on it.

The photo above was taken with my Pentax K10D. I sold it and bought my Zero 2000 pinhole camera with it.

Flickr Time Machine



A photo from this date, Nov. 20, 2007. The day I got my first DSLR! This was a very special day for me. I don’t look happy in the photo but I was very happy. Ecstatic even.

I have amassed a nice collection of cameras since. One more Digital (Pentax) and several film. My camera collecting days are far from over.