Travel Horror Story, Pt. 2

Downtown San Jose, California, view from a plane.

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So, while I was in Spokane, visiting over Christmas, it snowed. I mean it really snowed. It was actually kind of fun, though. Living in California, I hadn’t seen snow in ages. So I borrowed some warm winter clothes from my family and had fun in it.

Two weeks pass and it’s time for me to come home. I get on the plane in Spokane just fine. I fly to Seattle without a hitch. I even get on the plane to San Jose without much of a delay. But when I got on the plane? We sat on the tarmac for at least an hour. They had to de-ice the plane. ugh. It was annoying. I remember sitting next to a woman who talked to me about how horrible the job situation was in California. I had told her that I was planning on being a teacher and she went on and on about how there were no jobs for teachers. She was so negative and it really depressed me.

We finally took off and were in the air. This was another evening flight and it was very late by the time we were in the air. The flight itself was fine. The lady next to me stopped talking and fell asleep. I probably took a bit of a nap, too.

Then we got to the Bay Area. We got all the way to the San Jose Airport when the captain said we couldn’t land at the San Jose Airport. San Jose has a really stupid city ordinance that prohibits any flights from landing after midnight. And it was, like, ten minutes after midnight. So we couldn’t land in San Jose. So the flight was diverted back up to Oakland and we landed there. No problem on a plane. It’s like a 15 minute or less diversion. But the drive from Oakland to San Jose is about 45 minutes. I was tired. It was after midnight. And, again, I didn’t know how I was going to contact my boyfriend (now my husband) who was supposed to pick me up. And was there at the San Jose Airport waiting for me. This was before cell-phones were widely available for people to carry around with them.

So we got to Oakland and landed. I remember waiting at Oakland and talking to this guy, telling him about my horrible travel experience on this trip. I told him I would never fly Alaska Airlines ever again.

I can’t remember if we were bussed to San Jose or if Raf picked me up from Oakland. It was nearly 2:00 AM by the time I made it home to Menlo Park. I was never happier to be home in my entire life. I just wanted to crash. I was exhausted. I was looking forward to nothing more than my cuddly, cozy bed and sleeping for 12 hours.

The kicker? When I opened the door I set off the house alarm. I was a live-in nanny at the time. I woke up the family when I walked in the door at 2AM. My boss, the mom was so freaked out by the alarm that she called the police because she wasn’t expecting me home.