On top of Mt. Tabor


This statue is on the summit of Mt. Tabor.

Fun day yesterday! We were craving food from our favorite Food Carts in Portland so we made the drive to the big city. I enjoyed something different, a turkey, cranberry, & arugula crepe. It was delicious but not as good as my favorite, Smoked Salmon and arugula. Afterward we took a walk to the top of Mt. Tabor where we found the statue, pictured above. When we  walked back down we found a playground with fantastic old-school playground equipment. One of them was a merry-go-round. So the mister and I took a spin. It was fun.


My favorite street food is, without a doubt, the little crepe food cart on Hawthorne in Portland. Every time I go there I get the same thing: smoked salmon with arugula and cream cheese. OMG. So yummy.

I was just there this past Monday with my husband. In addition to this delicious salmon crepe I got a sweet crepe: dark chocolate and pear. Not as good as thought it would be. Apples would have been better.