Into the wild purple yonder


Into the wild purple yonder

Today’s photoblog image was taken near my house at the local park. I walk by this scene everyday and I’ve photographed it many times. I love the way the two Douglas Firs frame the entrance to the forested area behind them. I’ve actually taken this path many times, as well, and there is something kind of spooky about it. These two trees and this path feel like the beginning of an adventure to me.

Geeky Bits
Camera: Terrapin Bijou
Film: Lomochrome Purple
Exposure time: 1 minute

Weekly Photo Challenge: lost in the details

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"You flicker and you're beautiful. You glow inside my head."

I love, love, love details in photography. I love taking my camera with me on a walk through the forest and capturing the tiniest, minutest details. I love how it makes me look more closely at things, underneath the surface.

Here is a photo I took of moss on a tree during a rainy day in March of 2011. This was a photo I took while out hiking at one of my favorite places, Wildwood Park in Welches, Oregon. I love looking at this picture. It makes me happy for reasons I don’t understand in my head.

Another thing about this photo that made me smile is from the Flickr photo page. The title of the photo is “You flicker and you’re beautiful. You glow inside my head.” I was editing this photo and that old song came up on my iTunes and I decided to name the photo using those very beautiful lyrics from that old Cure song. PerhapsĀ this post should be accompanied by music.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sillhouette



It has been a cold, rainy weekend. We managed to go for walk, though. I am going to throw this in as my Weekly Photo Challenge entry this week.

I am going to make Vegetarian “beef” and Guinness stew and settle in for the evening with the ever-entertaining presidential debate.