Fight the Power

So this song popped up on my iTunes on my drive back to my office from a program at the other library up the Mountain. Seems appropriate after Trump’s incredible press conference this afternoon. Advertisements

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I am completely sickened by what happened last night and today in Charlottesville. I still can’t believe that I saw images of white supremacists walking down the street, fully embracing Hitler and Nazism, chanting things like “Russia Is Our Friend” and “Blood and Soil.” These men weren’t even trying to hide themselves. What the fuck? And […]

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This is not normal 

  So I had my nice respite from the news yesterday but then in the evening after dinner I relaxed on the couch, opened Twitter, and saw this tweet from 45. It bothered me. Not because he seems overly concerned with his popularity (seriously. Why does he have to point this out at every turn?!?) Not […]

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